Energy Saving Opportunities for Commercial + Non-Profit Building Owners

Apr, 2 2013 02:04

Energy Saving Opportunities for Commercial + Non-Profit Building Owners

Commercial and nonprofit building owners with in the City Limits of Omaha and Lincoln are eligible for an energy evaluation of current facilities. Each participant will receive a list of recommended energy conservation measures based on the specific needs of the building and assistance in developing a strategic plan for executing energy-saving improvements that save money, increase value, and improve the comfort of the building.

The reEnergize Program will provide energy evaluations, ratings, and sustainable return on investment (SROI) reports, which will include any industry-specific processes, for all qualified commercial and nonprofit buildings. Commercial and nonprofit participants will be asked to submit an application demonstrating that the entity plans to make a good faith effort to upgrade their facilities in the near future. Such an application may include concurrence from an organization's leadership and demonstration of need for a strategic energy plan.

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